Onlinecourse Sound Engineering

Onlinecourse – Sound Engineering

Course Content

Optimize your personal studio productions with this course. To this end, students are granted access to an assisted learning portal with documents on the theory as well as informative videos and a virtual campus. Every month, several audio files with tasks are presented in order to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.  As a follow-up the students receive professional feedback by the SET’s lecturers in order to improve their skills.

  • Optimising acoustics at a home studio
  • Basics of Sound Engineering
  • Recording and Mixdown in theory and practice
  • Music production
  • Mastering
  • various tips and tricks

Online course profile

Degree: Graduation certificate  (official German ZFU certificate)
Duration: 6 months (1 semester)
Concept: virtual – Study via the assisted learning platform
Beginning: monthly
Fees: € 99.- / CHF 149,- per month, payable in 6 monthly rates
Requirements: Minimum age 16
Homerecording equipment at your disposal (audio software, speakers)
Computer with internet access
Onlinecourse Sound Engineering